adidas ULTRABOOST 20 Shoes - Metallic Gold



Ultraboost 20 isn’t just a symbol of innovation. It’s innovation in action. The Boost midsole offers 20% more energy return compared to the original Ultraboost with every step. Feel the precision, thanks to Tailored Fiber Placement stitching, a textile process that calculates yarn density to the millimeter. The motion weave midfoot gives Ultraboost 20 both flexibility and control for a comfortable ride. And finally, the iconic heel frame offers support at launch and landing, making Ultraboost 20 too responsive for this world.


Decades of research and development has fueled the quest to create the perfect midsole material. Boost is comprised of thousands of pellets bonded together using steam. This midsole technology has set a new standard in the industry and is now featured on more than 20 silhouettes from baseball cleats to lifestyle sneakers to the unprecedented Ultraboost—the first running shoe to deliver energy return with every step.


It’s been just over six years since the world was introduced to Boost and today, the future of Boost is more exciting than ever. In the ISS National Laboratory, NASA astronauts will perform an experiment of Boost’s molding process without the distraction of Earth’s gravity. These experiments will help unlock the future of Boost to empower the athletes of Earth. Imagine what can be achieved in the next five years, with the support of organizations who prove daily that impossible is nothing.

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